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Let be your daily declaration of love. Send fast, spontaneous "humorgrams" a loving message with humor, when your boy or girlfriend at least expects you to think of your loved one. You can even send flowers and hand-drawn pictures so it never gets boring. You have a FREE Anniversaries Calendar Special Anniversaries from which Smiling-Love automatically sends a Humorgram on the day you put in the calendar.


show your attention now »To show the people we love how much we love them, does not always have to be a complex and magnificent gesture, but you are probably not the one who bogs to a sweet girl / man and exclaims clumsy ( while your cheeks are fiery red and sweat is bubbling up) - I LOVE YOU! - but by being a little extraordinarily elegant and giving a extra effort you can really go a long way. Try a little extraordinary and you will be rewarded - - Put Mother-in-law on the list of "Special Anniversaries" and you will definitely be mother-in-law's favorites in the future

You just click 'SEND' and a split second after, a humorgram - a loving message with humor, pops up at the chosen one.

Create your free profile » It's not just any boring SMS or mail, but the humorgrams is specially designed by our Skilled Humorgram cartoonists and designers, and is tailored to "fit any mobile phone or full screen on a regular office PC and you choose whether the sender should be anonymous or how many humorgrams you want to send before informing about the sender

The humorgram looks like the three example photos at the bottom, and fits in the entire screen of the mobile, beware of the last 'ANONYMOUS' - - -if you send to an employee who may be sitting directly opposite or close, - if the person works and opens mails or msg on an ordinary PC in an open office landscape - then a bouquet of red roses will appear that fills the entire screen, and if it is a woman, her cheeks will quickly get the same color as the roses.

It's as below our small humorgrams or 'Love Messages with smile and humor'    look like on the Mobile phone you send to.
I would discreetly hear if you are fresh on a date.?
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Today, most people use their Iphone every single day, and only through your and their iphone you can break the barrier and be incorporated into their group. The Me-To debate has further complicated the love affair and how to contact one you would like to date with, -this applies to both young and old on dating. - - - You do not go straight and exclaim I LOVE YOU! ?? - - - It just seems a little wrong and you get laughed at in the group. With the humor chart shown above, you say nicely and properly: I have long wanted to ask ,? - But here is a gift card to redeem with me whenever you want.
If you want to make an appointment and know who I am then read the QR-Code
If you do not want more red roses from me click here

Finally I have the opportunity to show my feelings
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We have developed an App from which you can quickly send Emoji - Gadges, a bouquet of red roses, a postcard, etc. graphic expressions and ideograms that say much more than you can write on ten pages. - - Go slowly and wait for your small approaches to pay off .

Today you can say to the girl or guy I LOVE YOU!   Loud and clear without you becoming as red in the cheeks as the heart or the bouquet of roses you send.

How does it work?: The humorgram above says: & nbsp; I have a long time had a good eye for you and finally, I have an opportunity to say it, happy birthday & nbsp; & nbsp; You need say no more, the red roses say more than words.

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We have experience that quick small amounts are used and must be available immediately because you often within a few seconds have the opportunity to make yourself popular or interesting to a potential girl or boyfriend, or you are dating online and want to send a love messages right now and here. is FREE and an account is not mandatory, and you may later consider whether it is not practical anyway.

You can order humorgramss for automatic submission from your file Special Anniversaries on the date you entered. Therefore, it is also convenient to have a buffer account rather than having to swipe the credit card every time you spend a few $

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$ 20. transferred to you
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When you Surf at - or, you will often need a service from one Of our other service portals, you may fall wildly In love And immediately feel Like posting a little gimmick Or humor gram , it can be small amounts from $. 1.00 - but, And - Or you suddenly feel the urge To accompany your your new travel companion on an ultra luxury cruise in the Caribbean $ 15,000.00 - $ 30.000,00 ?

Get a travel buddy » Just register as a user And we will immediately transfer $ 20 to your account which you can use for fun, if you think it sounds exciting you can later fill in more on your account so you can further make more fun Or you can just close your account again, no extra bills,

If you want to create an account for your children (very popular with teenagers), they can Not spend more than what Is on the account

We are not like the others
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We have a passion for loving humor and It is completely free to create a Profile here at

The team behind SmilingDating and SmilingLove has developed a Free Dating Concept and a FREE social contact with humor, where you can find fun humorgrams that you can send to someone you love with a click. You do not have to pay with Visa - Mobile or other cards where you pay commission fees m.m.m ..

Because we have learned that our love posters and small encouraging humorgrams and funny quick messages in everyday life are popular to use, not just now that you are single, but throughout life, and there is always a need to make you aware of a little declaration of love for someone you care about, therefore we also expect that we have you as a user for a long time, even when you are in a relationship.

Fun and humor
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You will create a contact list with addresses and Special anniversaries (wedding day. your mother-in-law's birthday etc.)

Because you often within a few seconds have the opportunity to make yourself popular or interesting to a potential boyfriend, or you are sitting and dating online and want to send a love message right now and here. - then you do not have time to find the credit card and wait for an approval, therefore we have made a start-buffer account.

Smiling-Love and is FREE and an account is not mandatory but first time we would like to deposit $ 20,- into your beginner account.
And you may later consider whether it is not practical anyway.

Our Smiling-Love service uses a user account where you can top up regularly according to consumption. Once your profile has been created and approved, an account will be created for you, so you can consider whether you want to top up and - or when