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Victor Borge and 100 Years of Music & Laughter

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Victor Borge always said that "the smile is the shortest path between people". In fact, the smile is an important psychological factor, as it presents us as welcoming people and has a positive effect on our own mood.

Hailed as a child prodigy, Victor Borge began his performing career with a piano debut in 1926 at the age of 17. For eight decades, he was never out of the spotlight. “The Great Dane” of comedy, as the beloved international humorist and musician was known, was celebrated around the world.

Create your free profile » Victor Borge always said that “…a smile is the shortest distance between people …” and set about to bridge the gap through his comic musical performances. Recognized as one of the funniest performers the world has ever known, Victor Borge fused one-liners, pratfalls, double-takes and outrageous stage antics with pianistic mastery, creating a unique blend of comedy and music.

Victor Borge was eminent for quick - precise and for, in quite a few words and at the right time, delivering the surprise to the recipient's reflection and reaction

Humor is a tool we see in many media and texts, where it creates a light mood and good contact with the recipient. But it is also a tool that can communicate serious messages.

It is Victor Borge's very special humor that we try to keep as a common thread in our work with SmilingLove.

A very special thank you to Victor Borge.

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