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Humor and Love

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Victor Borge always said that "the smile is the shortest path between people". In fact, the smile is an important psychological factor, as it presents us as welcoming people and has a positive effect on our own mood.

The role of humor in romantic relationships 

Humor, which might seem to clash with the intensity typical of romantic love, can just as well be valuable in romance.

But is humor always good in love? Is it useful for seduction? And should we tell jokes during sex? 

Humor and Emotions 

Humor is similar to emotion and has a strong element of inconsistency and change. Both emotion and humor combine two perspectives - namely the expected and the unexpected.

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However, while in emotions the simultaneous presence of incongruent perspectives is problematic, and hence requires immediate practical action.

in humor the incongruity is enjoyable and requires no action. (As in the picture to the right, it may also be superfluous in some situations) In contrast to the practical orientation of emotions, humor involves a more abstract and less purposeful activity. In the case of fear or anger, we prepare ourselves to fight or flee; but when we laugh at something amusing, we are not preparing for action of any kind. Indeed, when laughing, we are temporarily disabled. We often use humor in order to block negative emotions, such as fear, anger, or sorrow, or to resolve tensions. 

A sense of humor is typically incompatible with an extreme emotional state. indicates that Seneca recommends, as a way of coping with extreme anger, that we cultivate a sense of humor about the vagaries of life and adopt an attitude of amused detachment toward ourselves. This is also Aristotle’s view when he praises the person who has a “gentle temper”. Laughter and playfulness can indeed promote moderation and reduce extreme emotional intensity. Such amused detachment can also prevent obsession (and addiction), which is characteristic of extreme rather than moderate behavior. 

In a similar vein, humor can reduce or eliminate shame. Laughing at ourselves serves to distance us from a shameful situation as we join others in taking a fresh perspective on an episode. This new perspective also helps to reduce the level of shame we feel and to relegate it to a minor, trivial level. Such a distance reduces the significance of the shameful situation and decreases emotional intensity. 

Humor and Romantic Love & nbsp;
Think twice before, and to whom you fire this one off.
“Your wife has a wonderful sense of humor; yesterday I told her a joke and she almost fell out of bed. "

The main function of humor in negative emotions is to prevent a stressful situation from continuing or escalating. The major function of humor in positive emotions is to promote the individual’s flourishing. 

Create your free profile » Humor involves honesty, particularly when it touches upon the most profound issues in our life; it also involves exaggeration, which can lead to an embellishment of the truth and thus to deception. The sensitivity associated with humor indicates that it involves caring for others, but this sensitivity is also associated with not taking others too seriously — sometimes to the extent that other people might feel insulted. A sense of humor indicates that we feel good about ourselves, while not attaching too much importance to ourselves. As Gilbert Chesterton notes, “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” Spontaneity and light-heartedness are essential aspects in life and in romance, but they do not imply that relationships are trivial or frivolous matters. We all need experiences that are carefree and unexacting in order to balance the stresses and strains in our lives. 

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Ok, you can try one more time, but only because it's your birthday

This is also true in the romantic realm. 

Both men and women prefer someone with “a good sense of humor” as a relationship partner. However, studies have shown that while men emphasize the importance of their partners’ receptivity to their own humor, women value humor production and receptivity equally. Women’s evaluations of potential mates’ humor are predictive of their romantic interest. Moreover, individuals who were more satisfied with their relationship reported the use of higher levels of humor. Humor and a light-hearted attitude seem to be important aspects of many romantic relationships . Similarly, Jonathon Jearvis found that when two strangers meet, the more that a man tries to be funny and the more a woman laughs at those attempts, the more likely it is that the woman will be interested in dating. The reverse was not true for women who attempted humor. However, an even better indicator of a potential romantic connection is if the two laugh together. 

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Should We Tell Jokes During Sex? 

In order to illustrate the difference between positive and negative types of humor in romantic relationships, I will now discuss the sensitive issue of telling jokes during sex.

Here are some divergent opinions on this matter: 

“Be more humoristic and playful. People take sex damned seriously embrace the silly side of sex. Don’t be afraid to joke and laugh together while you’re rolling around in bed.”
“Sex is best when you can laugh in the middle of it and it does not affect the mood in any capacity.”

These random remarks suggest that playful, lighthearted behavior can be conducive to a pleasant sexual atmosphere. However, as humor is often context-dependent, it should be used carefully. As noted, humor involves taking a few perspectives at the same time; not all perspectives are suitable during love-making, and some can indeed “just kill the mood.” Nevertheless, in “a silly longer-term relationship,” people can afford to risk jesting more as their humorous behavior is less likely to be interpreted incorrectly. 

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But the fifth surgeon put them all to the wall when he said:
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